Liste de pièces et motos à vendre
List of links to bikes and parts for sale

La RD 500 LC à Jean-Mi – for sale / à vendre ~6’000€
Quelques photos de la Suzuki Cobra 6’000€
RD LC / RZ Job lot for sale – Lot de pièces à vendre en bloc prix a discuter
Marvic magnesium wheels for a RD 500 LC – for sale  with calipers and adapters, lines etc. avec pinces et adaptateurs. 500€ à discuter

La Rd 500 LC de Jean-Pierre: 6’600€ VENDUE
T250 de 1972 à vendre sur Lausanne  VENDUE
Kawasaki A1B de 1971 à vendre – for sale 2’800€ VENDUE
Yamaha Ds7, nice and clean 2’800€ VENDUE
Kawasaki H1 Mach III – job lot for sale – lots de pièces en bloc VENDU
Rd 500 LC job lot for sale – Lot de pièces RD 500 LC à vendre VENDU
NS 400 R Job lot for sale – Lot de pièces Ns 400 R à vendre en bloc VENDU

La RD 500 LC à Jean-Mi – for sale / à vendre

Been in the family for about 12 years, sadly can’t registered on the road here in Switzerland as it was not officaly imported by Yamaha. Belonged to a friend who bought it new. You’ll be the second owner. Lovingly modified by Piot MotoShop in Lausanne (ex-endurance racer who did a Bol d’Or with these bikes). Campagnolo Mag wheels, Brembo brakes all around, Brembo Oro Master Cylinder, Brembo discs, Ohlins shock, Ohlins modified fork, Telefix at the front, deactived anti-dive, new tires, Motor has only 3’000 Km on it – Brand new, been rebuilt by Check Point Yamaha shop in Martigny FROM THE GROUND UP: new cranks, pistons, seals it cost him 5’000 Swiss Francs at the time. Just run-in.

All these mods make the bike a lot better. Jean-Mi was a tiny runt so he adapted the bike to his size ie the handlebars are now higher (extension on the forks). I’m 6″ 2 and find the position a lot less tiring than the standard one. All original parts come with the bike, should you wish to put it back to original state… a bad idea IMHO. It rides much better than the original pigs they are. See here for pics of it in action mountain racing (photos coming shortly).

This is an original paint and fairing bike, no fiber on this one. Newly painted rear section. Due to its age, it has the recurrent vibration cracks around the front mounts and a few assorted nicks and scratches… what do you expect?  It’s an 84 model and has almost 34’000km. As stated before the motor is new and all the mods were made when the bike reached 30’000km. It’s just been serviced and runs like the proverbial swiss clock. You can ride home with it. French rego and plates.

A sad sale. Offers around  6’000€. Bike is in my workshop in Lausanne. More pics coming soon.

Une nouvelle venue

j’ai enfin réussi à trouver une R5 avec papiers suisses! une petite vingtaine de vendu seulement… toujours les mêmes histoires: l’assurance RC était la même que pour une 750… Faallait vraiment être passioné par les deux-temps à l’époque.

Passablement corrodée, mais complète… faudra de l’huile de coude.

First race on the Kawasaki A1R

Well, finally, at last…

Years after getting this bike home from the States with the help of  quite a few friends, years after it last ran, after months of tinkering with it, running about finding parts for it, or as I put it:

15 years for finding a genuine A1R
15 months of  work

all for 15 hours of “fun”! Insert Big Grin emoticon here.

You’ll find a map of the track here as well as a bit of info about the race, one of the oldest in Switzerland.
I hope I’ll be able to send a vid of the race as One of my friends had a camera onboard… and he blew me away!

Here it is on Google maps. And with a satellite view. It is a normal road with lots of Police controls normally as it’s a fave with local bike nuts. But once every two years, it’s blocked by the same cops who fine you and becomes the local replica of the “Mad Sunday”.

A slightly tense Spike

This was supposed to be summer… a very chilly morning, curtains of rain, all that with a brand new bike, with a new gearbox, new tires and a new rider… Can you you say uncomfortable?

I only did one of the runs before retiring wet and cold (10 degrees for F sake!).
Not fun at all.

Thankfully at mid-day, the sun appeared and dried the track… the rest of the day was thouroughly enjoyable.


This is getting better…

Better still…

I'll zip up my leathers next time, promise.

You really get into the game after a few runs, the track is a miniature Deal’s Gap, 7 kilometers long, a lot of blind curves, most curves cantered… Takes a while to get used to it. To make it more interesting, it is in the middle of a forest and the road is flanked by ravines: wiping out is NOT an option.

I did my first run with a non-functional gearbox, I was stuck in second gear. The clusters needed to be run-in. Thankfully, by the second run, it loosened up and got better and better. Thanks to Ellis of Moore Performance Engineering for his brillant piece of kit!


Ok a few things still need to be worked: the first gear is the looooooooooong race gear, I am probably running a too tall final ratio (16 x 32 or 2) I had a terrible time launching the bike and the starting line was on the flat.

Next race will see me using 17 x 32 or 1.8 ratio. I suspect it will need an even shorter ratio to help pick-up.

We can now start tuning the bike, it could do with more power as it is basically using a 350 street top end.

I will also  use straight cut gears (again thanks to Ellis) and purpose-made intake discs, not my factory steels ones. this is so they fit standard disc covers (deeper than factory castings).

I am investigating having both the covers and discs coated to reduce friction… parts are getting difficult to find.

Next or first on the list will be pipes. I am running original A1R pipes modified by the previous owner but they are getting too close to the tarmac for comfort, plus I feel they are restricting the 350 motor. They do deliver but you feel that they hit really high in the rev range. Something torquier would be better.

My Smiths Tach is obviously not running at the correct ratio: full blast on a straight, it read 5’500 rpms with the bike screaming… not right.

The rear original shocks are basically dead…  I’ll keep them for collection value but need a decent pair of Hagons or Konis. Every bump on the track was transmitted directly to my spine. Ouch.

The fairing is also pretty much in the way, I have to prepare the bike to run without it, but it means I need a front fender.

Riding in the rain without one gave me a very cold shower. Got my hair parted by a jet of cold, wet and dirty blast of road muck.


Apart from all that, the rider needs some practice sessions… getting passed by (ex Swiss Mountain king riding a) bog standard T250 is quite disheartening… not being able to follow him even more! Some more room for improvement.

My lovely Yamaha DS7

Here’s a gallery of my Yamaha DS7, with swiss papers and “Veteran” Expertise ie specific MOT or tecnical control., CT pour les français.

Apart from a cable (which I have now) and two scrapes on the turn signals, it is a very well preserved original… I bought it with less than 9’000 km on the clocks and have rode it for a couple years on and off. A lovely bike, now up for grabs. A bit of dedicated elbow grease will have it really shining. The front brake needs a thorough cleaning as it tends to seize.

I would like  around 2’800 € or CHF for it. Comes with a spare frame and motor. This bike will put a smile on your face!


That’s how a A1R tank looks inside.

Kawasaki A1B de 1971 à vendre – for sale

Jolie Samurai dans un bon jus d’origine. Bas-moteur refait. A part quelques vis imbus, complètement d’origine.

Si vous êtes intéressé, envoyez-moi un email.

Nice Kawasaki Samurai in a very good original state. All bottom end seals changed, runs and rides well. Only a few screws are not original.

Leave me a comment below if you are interested or email me here.

T250 de 1972 à vendre sur Lausanne

Plus de photos très haute définition de cette machine. Le moteur est refait à neuf, vilebrequin inclus. Très joli jus d’origine.

La Rd 500 LC de Jean-Pierre

Plus de photos haute-définition de cette machine à vendre.

Leave me a comment below if you are interested or email me here.

Kawasaki KR-1 Job lot for sale – Lot de pièces à vendre en bloc

Pas encore de photos, mais il y a deux moteurs dont un refait, deux chassis dont un avec CGF, l’autre est celui d’une machine pour le marché japonais (provenance Nouvelle-Zélande), plus des carénages, de l’habillage et beaucoup de pièces. Il y a de quoi vous monter une machine pour la piste. Il y a aussi un moule pour haut de carénage en fibre. roues, pots, réservoirs, etc. les pièces proviennent de KR1-B.

No photos yet, but basically enough parts to build you a track day machine. 2 frames, one with french papers, the other is a japanes market bike.Lots of fairing parts, forks, wheels, tanks, etc. They’re all off KR-1B bikes. There’s also a mold for upper fairing.

Leave me a comment below if you are interested or email me here.