Leaks, how to get rid of them?

Still ironing the last small probs of my 400D. I’m getting a small puddle of oil below the LH side of the bike… and no it’s not the clutch pushrod or shift shaft seal!

It is gearbox oil and seems to come from the top… It could also be the 2stroke oiltank overflow but my oil is red and this is clear. What strikes me is i have oil ON TOP of my crankcase…
Can it come out of the tacho cable fixation?? is this a “standard” problem on RD??

It is making a mess and I’m getting tired of cleaning. Suggestions?

EDIT: Turns out it was the oilseal on top of crankcase where the tach cable connects.
Thanks, I didn’t see it…
I take from that topic that having oil spewed from the the tach cable connection on the cases is fairly common? is that really so?
I hate oil (and gas leaks), I clean that motor so well it’s really pi$$ing me off to do it again…just to check if it’s leaking again.:chunks:
Try this thread from the ACRD forum

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